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This is the nciku Reader edition of 北京风味小吃 ("Beijing Style Snacks"), by the Chinese author 佟长友 (Tong Changyou).

nciku Reader helps you read Chinese books by providing convenient dictionary and pinyin functions to help you understand the original text:

- Tap on the first character of a word to see its definition from the built-in nciku Chinese dictionary.

- Tap a button to see each paragraph's pinyin, generated by the nciku Sentence Mode tool.

- Switch the application's interface between English and Simplified Chinese.

About the Book
This book focuses on 120 kinds of traditional Beijing snacks. It details the ingredients, production methods, characteristics as well as the customs and backgrounds of each snack. It’s easy to find the ingredients and simple to cook the snacks introduced in this book. This book caters for readers who have interest in family cooking, also it can be a reference book for people who work in food and beverage industry.

Beijing DFHL Company is a Beijing-based developer of Chinese and English language learning tools. Our other products include the online Chinese dictionary and the nciku Chinese Dictionary for iPhone, which contains definitions for over 153,000 entries and 95,000 example sentences. Our newest line of products is the nciku Reader series of Chinese e-books, which help you to read Chinese content on your phone by providing pinyin and dictionary support.

If you have comments or suggestions about the book app, please feel free to send us emails at Also please visit nciku Community at to discuss the latest books and other topics.

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