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Seller: Ave!Comics SAS

Fixed reader animations for iOS 7.

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AveComics for iPhone and iPad allows Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners to read Comic Books, Mangas and Graphic Novels in AVE format using a revolutionary reader.

It includes an inbuilt Comic-Shop powered by the AppStore where you can buy from a growing selection of comics and graphic novels in french, english and spanish. All the comics you buy get added to the application's shelf.

Free content is also made available inside dedicated collections within the application: free comic chapters and Golden Age Comics (english) are included and will be updated over time.

*** FRESH NEWS ***
Our store has more than 2000 comics, mostly in french and english.

1. Our format: it's called AVE (see below) and
2. Our platform: once you buy a digital comic from us using your iPhone/iPad, you can also read it on your Mac or PC on the web.

What is the AVE format ?
This new format for comic books includes reading paths (kinematics) for a great user experience. AVE works with all comics styles, even when the page layouts are very complex like in mangas or some graphic novels.

About AveComics
AveComics is a platform for digital comics powered by Aquafadas. It uses the new AVE format for distribution of feature-rich comics and graphics model produced by some of the forefront publishers in Europe, and in the US.
Books you purchase on AveComics App can also be read on the web using a great full screen reader. We keep your personal library on our servers, so you can access them via your account at any time from every location.

- A revolutionnary reading experience using kinematics that create an animated path through the stories.
- Full page reader that will pan and zoom for you while maintaining your preferred zoom factor.
- inbuilt store (powered by the AppStore) featuring a growing selection of comics in several languages. Comics are added on a weekly basis.
- inbuilt collections with free content, including Golden Age comics, animated using the AVE technology.
- syncs with your AveComics account
- page mode to display the original layout of the comic book.
- scene mode to focus on the cells of the comic book.
- easy and intuitive navigation between pages and animations.
- ability to change the playback speed of the kinematics.
- Easy access to the history of readings as well as the recently added items
- Ability to add ratings and find books by rating,
- Ability to search books by name, keywords, ...
- Full support for multi-touch, swipe gestures, zoom gestures, portrait and landscape mode.
- Goto any page quickly using a dedicated page scroller

The application is translated in both English and French.

Customer Reviews

  • Great site BUT....

    by tattoosuec

    Can't buy any comics unless you log in with Facebook, which would change my privacy settings. Don't want to do that, but every time I try to set up an account with the comic site, the other buying option for buying comics, it doesn't work. The drop down form does not work, when it gets to birthdate- cannot enter a birthdate. The rest of the form does not pop up. So....no more comics for me from this site til they fix the sign up form. But, if you don't mind logging in with Facebook to purchase comics, the site has quite a number of great comics. My fav: moby dick. Far superior to most other graphic novels. A shame they don't fix the site sign up.....there is some fantastic stuff here.

  • Great selection of comics

    by Lucy1007

    Love the idea of this app,and it does have a great selection of foreign comics. They are a little pricey compared to other comic apps,though. Also, the app tends to freeze up quite a bit on my IPod Touch. Glad for the ability to read my collection on my pc.

  • Great comics reader

    by KoichiKozue

    I really enjoy reading comics with this app ! The timing is well set and the transitions are good. I just wish there was more manga in the inapp store.

  • Ave!Comics

    by Mick222

    A great application for viewing animated comics. Terrific for the iPhone and iPod but made for iPad viewing. I like having my library at hand, whether from the computer or the mobile.

  • Excellent app

    by Julianusimperator

    Great app to buy and read comic books. One of the best readers out there and a great choice of international languages.

  • Too many crashes

    by @hopi

    This app would be really nice, and i would spend much more on it, if there weren't that many bugs and problems. The two main ones are the low performances (too much loading time) and the constant reinitialisation of the app. the last problem just makes me want to stop using the app completely. I don't read comics that often nowadays, but will read a lot in short periods of time. I have a few comics that I bought and still have to read. It's the fifth time I try to read them, but each time the app has been reinitialized or something and I have to re download the comics. Worse, I keep having login issues, so have to reinstall the app nearly each time to get the comics I paid for. It turns out each time I want to read a comic, I end up spending my time reinstalling the app and then waiting a long time for the comic to download and decompress and open, etc. The comics I paid for are practically inaccessible...

  • Terms and Conditions from Hell

    by mikeoregon

    The app is fine but the terms and conditions read like the attorneys want to put you in jail first chance they get. Please revise and use normal language.

  • Incessant crashes

    by hzink

    Incessant crashes an unexpected quits, and inn responsive navigation, sadly, render this rather useless. Pity, as they offer many French comics that I would like to buy, but I won't waste my time or money.

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