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Puzzles,Coloring, and Record Your Own Voice Over

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Originally there were only 3 old palms. Over several generations of practitioners, 8 palm methods were compiled. From these 8 palm methods, 64 palm methods were derived. Thus we call the original 8 palm methods "old 8 palms" or "8 large palms". These palm methods are the foundation of Ba Gua Zhang fighting methods. Due to diversified schools and lineages, there are many variations of the 8 palm methods. In this book, the 8 palm methods from Cheng Ting Hua style are introduced. For anyone that is interested in Ba Gua Zhang fighting methods, the contents of this book are essential to know. The 8 palm methods may derive into more fighting methods. They are like the 8 diagrams in the book of change or Yi Jing. Thus they gained the name of Ba Gua Zhang(Eight Diagrams Palm).

Many of the pages have an optional “Paint Me” feature for children to finger paint the pages and create their own custom version of the book.

Additional features: Professional voice over, table of contents control to navigate easily through the book and an audio on/off control.


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