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Audra is a little girl living in a cottage-like home in the small town of Pearl. One day her mother suggests they plant a flower bed. Once the seeds are planted Audra becomes impatient to see the seedlings sprout. Her mother assures her that they will grow but she needs to be patient. Finally the flowers begin to grow, but Audra is disappointed that one is fairly droopy and much smaller than the others. Mother believes it to be a weed and that this particular plant needs to be uprooted from the garden. Audra asks her mother if she can replant the particular, droopy, flower. This flower is replanted into a colorful pot and placed in Audra's room where she nurtures it. As a result of her special attention and care he begins to straighten and bloom. He becomes a beautiful poppy, by far the most beautiful of all the flowers in the garden. Audra is proud of her flower and takes it to school to share with her class. The lesson learned is that is that if we treat living things with care and respect wonderful things can happen as a result.

Many of the pages have an optional “Paint Me” feature for children to finger paint the pages and create their own custom version of the book.
Additional features: Puzzles, Record Your Own Voice Over, Professional voice over, table of contents control to navigate easily through the book and an audio on/off control.


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