Angelina - My Daddy Told Me Book App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Author Solutions, Inc.

Puzzles, Coloring Page, Record Your Own Voice Over



"Angelina: My Daddy Told Me" is a project Linda did upon her retirement and exemplifies her sense of humor and "fun learning".

Angelina is a darling child with an appealing personality which small children will love. She does things that children do, such as carry around her "blanky", play with her toys, have conversations with her father, laugh, imagine, love. In this first Angelina book, subtitled "My Daddy Told Me", she learns from her father how her needs and plants' needs are the same. A blade of grass from the front lawn is the object of the lesson.

The dialog and the illustrations are amusing and will hold young children's attention. At the same time a valuable lesson is learned.

Each page has beautiful illustrations to captivate the young "reader" and to promote language development.

Daddy is an excellent model to illustrate parenting skills. .. Subsequent books will feature Angelina in conversations with Mother, Sister, Brother, and other family members, each time learning more and more about her world in an amusing way.

Look for ANGELINA to be a "well-known" favorite children's character!

Many of the pages have an optional “Paint Me” feature for children to finger paint the pages and create their own custom version of the book.

Additional features: Professional voice over, table of contents control to navigate easily through the book and an audio on/off control.


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