Amnesia Girl Book App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: appsNminded
  • Updated: Oct, 29 2009
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 11.11 MB

Languages: English

Seller: appsNminded

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131 Ratings
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What would you do if the first thing you remember is waking up on a deserted beach with people trying to kill you? A handsome stranger, tells you he’s your fiancé, tells you to save yourself ---and run! Then, he is killed in front of you.
AG is trying to find out who she is and how to get to her past. But, the only way there, is to live for the future!! Along the way, she finds out she’s some kind of spy, and must finish a task that she can’t even remember receiving. It's up to you to help AG look for hidden clues, watch out for the bad guys and find out who she really is.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the this hot new interactive graphic novel series!

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Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Style7878

    Great but needs a volume 2

  • Otro

    by isads2000

    Otro amnesia girl another amnesia girl otro amnesia girl

  • Huh?

    by Love it tall person

    It won't accept my code on the scroll. Isn't the code Fritz Carlson Oaris? Great job on everything else, though.

  • Awesome but needs update

    by Hjkgdj

    I love this but it needs an update with some fixes. The "continue" button doesn't work and it always quits when I get to the three doors! Please update!!! I want to know what happens next!!!!!

  • Kool

    by ******Prin€esit@******

    Love it!! Please I want to see what happens next

  • Rock n roll baby!!!!!!!!!!

    by mumsiepoo

    This app rocks I wanna know what happns next?????????????????????


    by 3187629252

    I love this game but it constanly crashes at the doors part vv and I just got it so I only got to enjoy a little part of the story.. PLEASE FIX IT.. maybe this is why is was for free..

  • love this idea!!!

    by daddylovesdogs

    an interactive graphic novel????? winder when the next volume will be out cause I really need to find out what happens. Also, amazing graphics--LOVE

  • Really Great

    by jackdoug

    Wow, this app and the story is great. Keep up the work.

  • Nice app for my older daughter _

    by mommy pam

    This is sort of my version of all those great comic books that I loved - This is a hip version - when will the next 'chapter' be coming out?


    by Gamegame girl

    I love this game but it needs to keep going. I can't believe I wasted $2 on a 2 second game

  • Angry.

    by Okgamenotthebest

    I was very excited when my mom got me an iTunes gift card for my iPod touch. I saw this game, thinking it was going to be fun for such a high price, and bought it immediately. Then I played it. I finished this game in about 2 minutes. (I am NOT exaggerating). This game left me curious and angry. If they is going to be a part 2, it better be an update for free. I most certainly won't pay another 1.99 for such a horrible game. Shame on you, appsNminded.

  • Upgrading plz!

    by Kimei

    A waste of time and was very interesting and well put together but, this app is not satisfying at all or at least the satisfaction didn last for an acceptable period of time!....time for an upgrade, NEEEEEEEEXT!

  • OMG-Bad By:Bri

    by Bri-ri 972

    When I exited the app it didn't even save the page I was on and I always had to start over again. I love the appsnminded games and this one was a HUGE disappointment 1.99 for something I delete seconds after playing.

  • AG

    by llamabean1001

    Boring, easy and too short. All in all... A big disappointment. :(

  • Could have been cool.

    by Gsuufi

    Crashes all the time at the doors part. Resume button on menu doesnt take you to where you left off, it just refreshes the menu screen! Would give more stars if it worked, because it seems like a fun game. Please fix bugs!

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