iRemote for Smaart 7 by Studio Six Digital Music App Review (iOS, $49.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: andrew smith
  • Updated: Jun, 18 2012
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 7.68 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Andrew Smith

** iRemote for Smaart 7, supports WiFi Access and Control of Smaart 7 running on a PC.

** Requires a licensed copy of Smaart 7

** Stability improvements

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Now you can operate Smaart® 7 running on your PC or Mac computer from your iOS device, and view measurement results right on your iOS device screen.

Connect to Smaart® 7 (v7.3 or later) over WiFi, and then select any measure from any group, including Spectrum and Transfer Function displays.

View the spectrum plot in single screen or split screen mode (on iPad only), so that you can see RTA and Spectrograph at the same time.

The Transfer Function graph shows the magnitude, phase, and coherence plots, with an advanced touch-GUI available.

Bring up the Delay Finder to measure the delay, and apply it, all without touching your computer. Use the + and - buttons to adjust the delay time, and view the results in real time.

Walk the venue, and take Smaart 7 with you.

NOTE: This app does not process audio, and is only useful if you already own a license to Smaart 7. It does not work on versions of Smaart prior to 7.3.

If you are looking for a Spectrum Graph or Transfer Function that runs natively on your iOS devices, see our app, AudioTools, which has Smaart Tools I (single channel) and Transfer Function available for in-app purchase. Add iAudioInterface2 or iTestMic to make a complete professional-grade audio test & measurement system.

Customer Reviews

  • Good interface

    by Alfredo Prada

    Works, but it does not capture/display traces, it is needed to be able to save at least one trace,in order to compare to a live trace.

  • Good start, not perfect

    by jch25

    It's a great idea, and a great start for this app. However, the interface is not 100%. The generator engage button doesn't always work, despite showing that it is (iow, just because it says on, doesn't mean smaart listens, in certain situations). If a dialog box comes up in smaart, the app is helpless in some situations until you go back to the computer and deal with it. The spectrograph zooming is buggy (in vertical mode, once you zoom, the frequencies no longer align with the proper points). Can't edit delay finder settings (cry me a river right? Just would be something nice to have access too) The biggest thing lacking though is the ability to "capture" traces of any kind. If I'm out moving my mic and getting delay times and responses, what's the point in this if I have to run back to the computer and capture them!? Even if you can't view them, the ability to capture is crucial. Apparently this is a smaart API restriction, not SSD's fault though. Again, a great idea and a great start, but nowhere near worth $50 yet. StudioSix is good about updates though, I look forward to their changes!


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