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Seller: AMZN Mobile LLC

* Bug Fixes for iOS 7
* More room to compare – supports 4-inch iPhone and iPod touch screens

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Ever wondered if you were getting the best price on a product when you were out shopping? With Price Check by Amazon, you can use your iPhone to compare prices instantly with and its merchants while on-the-go. Price Check enables you to search for Amazon products quickly using barcode, picture, voice, and text search, and access product descriptions and customer reviews to guide you in making informed purchase decisions. And to make in-store price comparison even better, we’re introducing a new price sharing feature that helps ensure our prices remain competitive for our customers.

When you find a low price while using the app, simply log into your Amazon account to complete a secure purchase. All prices are in U.S. dollars, and all products are from the U.S. Amazon store. Price Check also supports sharing via text message or e-mail link; immediate purchasing using 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime. This app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 devices, and camera-enabled iPod touch devices running iOS 4 or greater.

Search for products using four easy methods:

• Scan a barcode: Amazon’s barcode scanner will match your item and provide Amazon and merchant product pricing instantly.
• Snap a picture: This app uses Amazon’s photo matching algorithm to instantly match your picture to books, DVDs, CDs, video games, and more.
• Say the product name: Speak your search queries and use voice search to return accurate product matches and Amazon’s pricing.
• Type your search: Type the product name to retrieve instant matches.

Customer Reviews

  • Great to price check

    by Caroface

    I use it to price check - super helpful. Sometimes price shown is not prime price but will show only lowest price.

  • Awesome!

    by GarrettsMama

    Saved about $100 in one trip. Easy and finds most products. Love it!

  • Works well

    by ThePrizeFighterInferno

    Don't leave home without it.

  • iPhone 5 Support! Finally!

    by GamerTyke

    Excellent app is finally filling my whole screen.

  • Perfect

    by MoSaB


  • Awesome for booksellers to compare prices

    by KeepitREAL44

    Helped me sell back my textbooks for a reasonable price! Great app

  • Best Shopping app ever!!!

    by Gigipaiva

    I'm never gonna buy anything else without this app. It could even recognize my breads loaf's pack barcode. It showed me the best prices from food to cosmetics. Just awesome!!

  • Awesome App

    by iPhone guy14

    Works best Voice recognition Snapshots Camera scanning Just Awesomee

  • iPhone5 update?

    by Manoj J

    Great app but iPhone5 update needed!

  • App review

    by Kplus4cgra

    I love it could really use an I phone 5 up to date

  • Good App

    by Sunny barn

    But could only find 40% of items only by barcode, need to update database

  • Very nice

    by Jalencrutcher007

    It is a very accurate and cool app

  • Need iPhone 5 support

    by Branden Wallen

    Awesome app, needs an iPhone 5 update, but keep this thing going it is great at what it does.

  • Good

    by Love These Game

    Love it

  • <3

    by EYEkanSEAyoo

    Top-Notch! -MM'G

  • Love the scan feature

    by Rperhac

    Love the scan feature. Great for checking prices in retail stores. One request... Would be nice to be able to delete items individually (currently, you can only delete all or nothing).

  • So easy to use

    by Jimchampaign

    So easy to use

  • Review post

    by Stanley03


  • Lowest price?

    by HBookseller

    I use this app to check prices of books for reselling when I'm at a thrift store. I can scan the ISBN with my iphone, when there's no barcode, I type in the ISBN. It's quick and a great tool. However, I find that the initial search result that says "New & Used from $$$$" is not always the lowest price of all "New & Used". Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Many times it is the lowest New price, not the overall lowest price (which is most often the Used price).

  • Great

    by Jdeng007

    Whatever people say, this app works great for me and it's like Christmas has come early.

  • Disappointed

    by terrterr1961

    Scan feature does not work. I was very disappointed to discover that the only way to get the information I was seeking was my manually entering the bar code. I even had my husband try...repeatedly. We consider ourselves fairly tech savvy being IT folks but the app would just not work.

  • Doesn't work with iOS 7

    by DJSailor

    Worked well with iOS 6 but not with new iPhone and iOS 7.....

  • Dat icon.

    by Gamereviewer8000

    I don't know about the app, but who else noticed the app icon says 01209 which is 90210 backwards!

  • Bad

    by Kevin30232454

    It dose not scan the prodect

  • Fail !

    by IrwinMFletcher

    "Requires" iOS 7. Seriously?

  • Needs update!

    by jmercmon

    Over all looking up products and scanning works great but if you try to use any other features like wish list etc they just do not work. When you select a feature like wish list you are asked to login and then you get no which lists. Also why an I asked to login over and over, set it up like so many other apps where I can use a pin if I must login at every step. Fixes a few things and this will be 5 stars.

  • Big BKs finest

    by Big BKs Finest

    Why still no iPhone 5 support?

  • Need iPhone 5 Support

    by J. Torrey

    Please add. Thanks.

  • Missing deals

    by Another Reluctant user

    Frustratingly slow to load at deal release time resulting in frequently missed deals that sell out in seconds.

  • Mr

    by Manvir007

    8 times out of 10 brings up wrong product .

  • iPhone 5

    by BrianSMcDonald

    How long does it freaking take to get iPhone 5 support?

  • Inflated reviews

    by Jfckkgbd

    Product should stick to human prompted scan. Being stuck with auto-recognition that may or may not work- is backwards.

  • Garbage

    by Pawnpdidjohn

    Doesn't work

  • Not working right now

    by storksj

    Used to work great! Wont scan now. Please fix!

  • Best app ever

    by Deekaog

    V useful to save money Competitor prices are accurate I tested it

  • Sweet

    by Pweryyuiopkhgdsa


  • Not so great

    by Korbenwids

    Doesn't work so good. But I like it.

  • Love it !

    by Stud muffin 5

    Love it !

  • Fake

    by Anw313

    I was at a target store and scanned an item - all the prices that popped up were MORE expensive & Target didn't show up at all on the list.

  • really???

    by sauceolino

    snapshot camera I bought some years ago for $200 is now here "new and used from $450". should I sell? Waterproof case for canon sd14.... contains the body powershot sd780, but not the case! many more bugs. Be very careful.

  • Saved me lots of money...

    by Seminole360

    ... I just wish it had a feature to add items to my Wish List so I could purchase the find them from my desktop easier.

  • Glad it was free

    by lisalisa49

    It was hard to scan the barcodes, you have to hold your phone in just the exact place to make it scan (iphone 4). It also gave me the wrong book information from the barcode scan. I'm just glad it was free, it is easier to just type in the isbn or do a title search.

  • Works great

    by Burke031

    Nice to have when in a store and want to find best price

  • Garbage

    by Lodubbz

    Didn't have the price to what I was looking for.

  • No

    by Scrappy81704

    Not good

  • Super fast, convenient, and so far very accurate!

    by Onthe2starR

    Plus it free!

  • FAST AF.

    by Jewishhgirl

    I like it

  • Love it!

    by Tedderkins

    This is one of the most used apps I have! It's so easy and convenient!

  • Finally

    by Brendan Halley

    I've been searching for an app that does exactly what this one very easy user interface fast results and not a long startup very well made 5 stars :)

  • Awesome girl

    by LatinDiva

    This is the best app I ever down loaded the other scanner apps I down loaded was not really that good.Here I get to say it scan it and even take a picture of it.I rated a 5star you should Make more apps.Amzon rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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