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Welcome to Set 1 of the Zoo from

This zoo app is an amazing new way to explore animals for kids. With unique features, realistic animals and setting, engaging art, and high quality narration and music, this app will be a favorite for kids of all ages.

Features of the Zoo apps include:

Realistic animal exhibits - Photo realistic animals animated by professional animators in natural surroundings and true animals sounds.

Fun Animal Facts - Learn about the animals with illustrated facts read by the zoo guide.

Animal Quiz - Test your knowledge about each animals with the multiple choice quiz feature.

Also watch for fun audio easter eggs.

Age of Learning, Inc. and respect the privacy of you and your family. Our applications do not track or store any personally identifiable information from you or your child.

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome game

    by Art gal 4

    It's the best thing ever.

  • Great App

    by Weinspar

    My son loves ABC Mouse!

  • Great my granddaughter loves its

    by Diana from ky. Go wildcats

    My granddaughter loves it

  • Perfect for my 4yr old

    by Adelemk

    My son lives ABC Mouse, especially the zoo. The main app makes the zoo too small on the iPhone. This app is perfect.

  • Fantastic

    by HappyMom347

    Adorable animation and fascinating facts

  • Great game

    by bernice improta

    This is such a horrible game my 40 year old doesn't know what a penguin looks like, this game is horrible, don't spend $10 on it I wasted a iTunes card on it

  • Great app!

    by Created4Purpose

    Thought the sound wasn't working on my iPhone, but once I went to app support I found out that the switch you use on the side of your phone to silence it has to be turned on....Very happy 3 yr old!

  • Like to play abc games

    by Tink"s dad

    I'm 4 and this is a fun place

  • The zoo

    by Teekes

    Great app

  • Great to teach a two year old

    by Tim From Brookside

    Had lots of fun...

  • Good

    by TUAN ANH LE


  • Too easy for 12 year olds

    by Lovehamburgerhelper

    This is too easy and I'm 12

  • Good

    by Vietstar1711


  • Great

    by Max345686422,$63

    My kid loves this app keeps him busy wen we r on da road

  • Very cute

    by Phobia12

    Granddtr loves it.

  • Fantastic

    by Hoang Ga

    Interesting and wonderful book!

  • Great

    by Surfer dude777


  • Review

    by Foo fool


  • Good

    by Romad60


  • Nice

    by iPod touch 4 Bolivia

    Buena app una de las mejores

  • C'mon...No sound at all

    by SomnusEdge

    My daughter was excited for this but there is NO SOUND on any of the apps. No purpose for this since you can just read a regular book.

  • DuracellCrestAdvantage23

    by DuracellCrestAdvantage23

    No sound on any of he ABC Mouse games :(

  • No sound

    by Dnpunt

    The app looks like it may be fun, but no sound =no good.

  • No sound on either I downloaded

    by Adopting age 5

    There is no sound!!! And no sound on Asops Fables either. Terrible promotions.

  • no sound on the iPad

    by AngelaFrisco

    Even after the last update I do not hear any sound on the iPad with this app. Very disappointing!

  • Zoo

    by Lazarus711

    Nice app very good

  • by chengjmk


  • ddc

    by incoman


  • Katelyn4494

    by Katelyn4494

    Very informative and helpful info

  • Quiz

    by iheartdrpeppee213

    The quiz is cool, but make it a but more interactive.

  • Nice graphics.

    by Domi'sMommy

    It's a really cute app, that keeps my sons attention.

  • Abc mouse zoo

    by Jeelish

    It is a aswme game

  • GRR

    by Angel Lace

    My 3 year old daughter got bored after 1 minute I got it Boo

  • Good one!

    by Tanvioooo

    Good entertaining and educative!

  • Review

    by Site quiets

    Very easy app to use

  • my grand daughter LOVES these apps!!!

    by pameluv2

    I have a grand daughter just a little more than a year old and she LOVES actually sits still and watches the videos and she LOVES the music:) Great job!

  • Adorable

    by Onecutelpn

    My 2 1/2 yr old loves it

  • I love it and the kids enjoy it

    by Keliearrey

    Kids have learned and remembered more using these apps.

  • Very cute

    by Cjhpugs

    My granddaughter loved it.It teaches them all about the animals.

  • Well

    by Blahblah1234321

    The apps would be nice if they had volume.... Anyone else having this problem....? I know it's not my iPad cause all the other volumes work. So is something wrong with these apps?

  • Like

    by Mariel y rita

    My daugert like this app

  • Awesome

    by Jodybug77

    Full of great animal facts

  • Great

    by Jomama9675

    Daughter loves these apps

  • Cute

    by Neeniepap

    She liked it. Wants more.

  • cute app

    by klinem

    i have iphone5 and sound works perfectly... dont put your phone on silent (turn on side switch) so u can hear it

  • No sound

    by Mia1409

    No sound with iPhone5 please fix!!!

  • Very nice App

    by Kur Kur

    Very nice App

  • Love

    by Jess21234

    Great app and very educational!

  • Sound??

    by MartoRN

    No sound on any of the apps I just downloaded, WTH???

  • Great app for kids

    by Teezysd

    Great learning app for my toddler. Keeps him very entertained!!

  • Cannot hear sound

    by mrspringle

    Can't hear sound from app on my iPhone 5.

  • Rate 5 star good app. Thanks

    by Geovada

    great. 5 stars

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